Come Fly with Me…

Come Fly with Me… Hello Everyone, I hope this post finds you all doing well!  This artwork was so fun and required a bit of research I wanted to get 50s Pin-up Style fashion as correct as possible.  I just adore this period in fashion as most of the looks and lines of this period […]


Rare Alberto Vargas

Hey Kids! Decided to do another journal entry about another one of my favorite artist Alberto Vargas..who was commissioned by playboy to do some of the most YUMMY Fabu-lishus art EVER created..and I simply adore Pinup…Once upon a time I sold Erotic art and so I’m a HUGE fan.. Enjoy Kiddos!



Summary_Judgment_Under_the_Moorish_Kings_of_Granada This is one I wanted to post as well… Henri Alexandre Georges Regnault (1843-1871)Heya Kids.. Ran across another orientalist piece…This one I adore…its so cold blooded…more black on black crime..well at least we come by it honestly…lol But its truly brilliant…don’t you agree



My newest..inspired by orientalism…mixed with elvgren pin ups and such..I’m really pleased with her for once I feel like I see real growth..but I want to do some more tuts..thinking about signing up for Gnomon Workshop next. painted with zbrush/photoshop/painter/wacom


Why-not-tonight Detail

just the detail


Biblestudy and Coffee

Finally had time to finish some personal works Ive been working through the holidays sometimes I had 3 but now only 1 yaaay! So I will be working on all things art and managing my group! Thank you for lookin!


Ethnicartmasters Contest Flyer

Poster I created for our group’s art contest! Submit your artwork to our groups contest…



Ode to Madame CJ Walker my hero..forever! The first female self-made millionaire in america..and she was african-american!  I think she had fabulous style! If your interested in her here is her wiki