Hot Spanish Nights

Yes another couple in umm Lust…lol my fave! My newest artwork something personal just started back to work after being ill so long so this feels good to put out some work in a good place finally! Lots more surprises to come! Thank you much for looking…



Old artwork I have worked off & on for a year now, you may recognize her from BlackArtSociety


Baby It’s Cold Outside

Haven’t had time to do much of anything lately, but this is an old work I’ve worked on her since last winter, off and on.  I go back and forth…like it, don’t like it…lol I’m posting sometimes after looking at an artwork for awhile I have a change of heart. I definitely accept I am […]



I call her Vargo because of my inspiration, yes that artwork by Vargas…only my chica is maybe just a bit thicker I think…I started this last year.  No  time for anything new so I just dug up one that I thought was pretty good at the time..and now meh…still it’s presentable I think.  A more […]


This is not my image

This was installed for journal usage only.



A number of new techniques with this little girl…I wanted to do a black and white gown and red rose…i did a ton of tutorials on painting…shading…lighting…and this was my application of all those probably no one will even notice but me the differences but little by little..I rather confused about what my style […]



She just looks like a Vivian to me..please don’t ask why..I’m not good with naming these things Just finished this chica took me about 9 hours on her I guess…zbrush,painter, and photoshop…she is a experiment with light SSS and also brush control. but I just love her I think she came out stunning and I […]


Because you’re Mine

Newest Commission!