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A number of new techniques with this little girl…I wanted to do a black and white gown and red rose…i did a ton of tutorials on painting…shading…lighting…and this was my application of all those probably no one will even notice but me the differences but little by little..I rather confused about what my style […]



She just looks like a Vivian to me..please don’t ask why..I’m not good with naming these things Just finished this chica took me about 9 hours on her I guess…zbrush,painter, and photoshop…she is a experiment with light SSS and also brush control. but I just love her I think she came out stunning and I […]


Because you’re Mine

Newest Commission!



Another artwork that has been a long time in the works..Poor girl has been through it with me I think I have something I like here..I really like the brushwork I did on this work and I tried many new techniques.  Thanks so much for looking!



Something I have been working on for a really long and on..still trying to find a style I like..I feel like I am getting there…At least today I


The Calling

An actual new artwork I have been working hard this past weeks to get some new artworks posted, and crash course studying..I also dusted off my Wacom..feels so good to get back to things and try new ideas…Soon this whole plan of madness will come together. So this artwork starts as a 3d model and […]


Her Echanted Garden

I imagine that shes was the lady of the house at one time and this is her lovely garden even in death she comes back to tend her garden… She’s an Angel of some sort so I am sure she is aware that her soul has moved on but something keeps bringing her back to […]