Her Echanted Garden

I imagine that shes was the lady of the house at one time and this is her lovely garden even in death she comes back to tend her garden… She’s an Angel of some sort so I am sure she is aware that her soul has moved on but something keeps bringing her back to […]



Starting a new Angel project for self betterment..lol Nah things have been hard since my son has left for 7 month deployment I live everyday so afraid for him..and the news doesnt help!!! So I have been calling for Angels.. as always painting calms my nerves and relaxes me. Made with Photoshop & Daz3d no […]


Back Study

This an artwork I am currently working on…just  wanted to get some feedback.  I know I need to work on the lighting, but i am fairly happy with the direction…kinda lol!


Lost in Time

Inspired from a movie I used to just absolutely Love love love.  Of course I put the cowboy in there just because I think the old west is terribly romantic..lol Thank you for Stopping by!



Just a pretty high angel..maybe should redo it with a sword? hmmmm..but she just looks so sweet! Thank you for looking!


Empress Araquiel

Araquiel has been sent to earth in disguise to make sure that Pharaoh Rahami murders his sister Amantariah.  Ara knows the outcome of this action it will drive Ra to madness he will be stuck in darkness never to enter to the fade and become a lost soul this has been written.  But something unexpected happens […]



Girl, I know you want to do your own thang, but let me take you away from all this…Running a cathouse is no place for a woman in the wild, wild west… Please I can take care of myself ….but when you do that ummmmmmm….lol I don’t know little short romantic fantasy series I am […]


Honor’s Bound

Hmmm Baby what’s wrong? I’m your King baby Lemme fix it Dollface? Next part of kind of a series I have in my head…5 more parts..how will it end..hmmmm? lol Working on defining my style more..I know I have to commit to rendering a bit further for more realism but I just love those loose […]


Cleo Returns

Testing color theory I really love how she came out with a very limited palette to choose from..its almost dreamlike..taking more online classes its a never-ending process but I really love it.  The challenge is for me making digital medium look like traditonal painting..surprisingly the results print up very convincingly so the new part of […]


Hello Valentine

Missing my valentine, but I hope everyone finds theirs…