Jenna Final

I did this a couple of years ago, she is really the reason I started digital painting.  I was building websites at the time.  Jenna was STUNNING but she had poor photography.  So I had the idea after seeing some digital works that maybe I could do such a thing, and turn her photography into […]



Something I did a while


Sunset on the Terrace

One day, a beautiful noblewoman, with dark silver in hair, saw an angel guiding a craftsman outside her terrace. The angel could feel the gaze from the lovely mortal watching him intently but pretended to be unaware. She found herself watching him all day, for he was a lovely creature surely of the highest divinity. […]


Soulful Dreamweaver

This is about a year old, its one of the first images I worked on as an “artist”.  I do not consider myself an artist per se …I consider myself a graphic designer by trade.  Only a couple of years ago after hubby  & I sold our web community and I had nothing to do […]


The Real Barienzah

So I was playing Oblivion (GOTY edition) a few years ago.. and somehow I got to reading this book in the Mage Quarters…I think…as you travel around you find these books throughout the world..and I had read or heard about Barienzah I started reading it..and it was like sooooo good…My character was a dark […]


Dark Affairs

Well, It’s complicated. 


Hot Spanish Nights

Yes another couple in umm Lust…lol my fave! My newest artwork something personal just started back to work after being ill so long so this feels good to put out some work in a good place finally! Lots more surprises to come! Thank you much for looking…



Old artwork I have worked off & on for a year now, you may recognize her from BlackArtSociety


Baby It’s Cold Outside

Haven’t had time to do much of anything lately, but this is an old work I’ve worked on her since last winter, off and on.  I go back and forth…like it, don’t like it…lol I’m posting sometimes after looking at an artwork for awhile I have a change of heart. I definitely accept I am […]



I call her Vargo because of my inspiration, yes that artwork by Vargas…only my chica is maybe just a bit thicker I think…I started this last year.  No  time for anything new so I just dug up one that I thought was pretty good at the time..and now meh…still it’s presentable I think.  A more […]